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Magic107 is the hosted internet radio station at Dubbed as the Chimes of the Times internet radio, the station plays the best variety of music.

When it comes to online music there is nothing that comes close to the sounds of Magic107. It is not the traditional love songs or mellow songs radio where it is always boring and the song selections are somewhat bland.

At Magic107, it is that magical blend of today’s mellow hits and midtempo music, mixed in with the best songs of the past years and even the classics of the previous decades. It is soft, but not to sleepy, it is upbeat but not too loud.

Light rock songs from your favorite bands of the 90s and the pop soft tunes of the same decade until 2000s and now. You’ll hear songs from Backstreet Boys to Regine Velasquez, Westlife to Air Supply, Aerosmith to Daughtry, and more.

It’s great as a companion or background soundtrack when you travel, when at work, when just at home lying on the sofa. Magic107 does the magic for you.

Download the official Android App for Magic107, click here.

Download the official iOS App of Magic107 for iPad or iPhone, click here.